Max's Buddy the Jakester, CD, CGC
10/17/92 - 07/26/05
12 years, 9 months, 9 days
'Rest in Peace My Sweet Man! In our hearts Forever"

owned by Joan Locker-Thuring & Carl "Tom" Thuring
Jake may never have won a Best of Breed or a High in Trial or He never earned a VN, a
championship or water or draft title or any other award that designated him to be the
‘The Best’ of something. Jake didn’t have a great pedigree or lineage, as a matter of
fact, he came from a pet store and I am sure at least half his pedigree was probably
faked. He probably came from a puppy mill. But he was our Best Newf because he was
our first, and if it weren’t for him, we never would have gotten involved in the
Newfoundland community.

What Jake was been, is a great teacher. Through Jake, I learned patience;
perseverance and how to laugh with everyone rather then feel I was being laughed at.
Those who know us, know the trials and tribulations we went through just to complete
Jake’s CD. He probably took well over 50 trials, I stopped counting after 25, but he
finally did do like I knew he could. And I will never feel the sense of accomplishment like I
did the hot 90+ degree June day in Freehold when Jake finished his CD at age 6 and a

Jake was a beautiful swimmer, even though he never earned a water title, he wouldn’t
retrieve anything but his fleece toy. To watch him swim was a joy. He always swam high
in the water with a strong even stroke, even in his later years when arthritis had the best
of him on land. In the water he was still strong and fast. It was a shame he never would
retrieve.  It broke my heart last summer when he could longer swim because the weight
of the water in his coat was just too much for him.

Jake turned 12 on Oct 17th of 2004. Who would have thought? That, in and of itself is a
great accomplishment.  And as I write this, I am looking at the empty spot where Jake did
what Jake did best – hold down the floor. Always did and always will, just now he is doing
at the bridge.  
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