CH Kilyka's Sugar 'N Spice of Bluwater, CD, WD, CGC, TDI

owned by Joan Locker-Thuring, Carl "Tom" Thuring  
bred by Nicki Camerra & Betty McDonnell

11/09/03 - 7/07/15

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Sugar's first litter
Sugar's second  litter

Another piece of our hearts has been taken...
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Sugar completes her championship under judge Jean Fournier at the
Mohawk Valley Kennel Club on 8/10/07. She was expertly handled by
co owner/co breeder Betty McDonnell
When we first met Sugar, she was a sweet quiet puppy, I remember telling Betty, I
wanted something with attitude to show. She told me don't worry. We brought her
home, a quiet and demur puppy, Once she settled in, Boy did she become the

Sugar always liked doing  things her way. She learned the rules and what was
expected of her. And when is suited her fancy, she would do it, if not she how to
bend the rule without quite breaking it. We would tell people, Sugar's motto was, to
para phrase Forest Gump "Sugar is like a box chocolates, you never know what
you are going to get."

There are so many 'Sugar' stories, I wouldn't know where to begin. Of course, there
is the time she sunk the boat, the time she went took off up the hill at Betty's with
Tom chasing after her, the time she took another dog's articles at the water test
and the judge told me maybe I should train my dog, little did he know! She loved to
set off the house alarm by jumping in the window when we weren't home, so we
would close her out of the kitchen, she would open the door and jump in the
window. She wouldn't jump off the boat when we wanted her to, but when she
wanted to, she had the most beautiful jump. And these are just a few Sugar's
antics...The stories could on and on.

When you left us, you did it like you did everything else, you did your way!!!!

Thank you Betty McDonnell for entrusting this beautiful girl to us. And Thank you
Sugar for the beautiful legacy you left in your children, grand children and great
grand children. You will be sorely missed!!!!