Bluwater Newfoundlands & Schipperkes
VN Ch Mollybrook's Picture Perfect, CDX, WRD, DD, CGC
11/07/00 - 6/18/12
She was 11 years 7 months 11 days old
  You took a piece of my heart and my soul when you left us.
  I don't think the hole in my heart will ever go away.

owned by Joan Locker-Thuring, Carl "Tom" Thuring. Karen & Ken Dunaway
bred by Karen & Ken Dunaway & Betty McDonnell  

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I wrote this about Savannah when she got her VN. I have tweaked it to reflect she has

While I am first to admit that any dog earning a VN is a very special dog, our Savannah,
has proven to be exceptional.  Savannah was diagnosed at 2 ½ with a permanent but
usually manageable pancreas problem, rare in newfs, and of unknown origin although
we believe a virus that may have settled in her pancreas may have caused it. At several
points she was so sick, we thought we were going to loose her. Through this all,
Savannah earned 4 of the 5 titles needed for her VN and then some. There were times
when her drive to work hid the fact that she didn’t feel good.

Savannah loved
to have fun while working. Some may remember her ‘goosing’ Tom on
her recall at the national obedience trial in Carlisle on 2002. She was just 17 months old
at the time. Thank goodness it was the 4th leg of her CD and she did remember to
come sit in front. She learned 5½ of 6 WRD exercises in 4 Sundays after she got her
WD. She wouldn’t jump off the boat to get the paddle. The following summer, when we
pushed her off the boat, she would get the paddle. We finally convinced her she should
do it. Then at our final practice before the test, she wouldn’t jump off the boat. She
passed the WRD test first time. Savannah didn’t like backing up. As we trained her for
her draft title, I wasn’t sure she was ever going to do it. The night before her draft test, I
tried tohave a heart to heart talk with her. She barked back at me every time I
mentioned backup. At the test, she ‘talked back‘ to Tom each time he told her to back
up to be hitched. She passed the test that day!

I want to thank Karen & Ken Dunaway & Betty McDonnell for always being there, for all
their help and support. I also want to thank our vets, Dr. Bridget Brooke & Dr. Susan
Kimmel without whose caring, knowledge and expertise, Savannah would not be with us
as long as she was, 11 years, 7 months. Too short a time!
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