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One thing people looking for a puppy of any breed, need to understand, is
that a reputable breeder is someone who is doing their best to produce
healthy puppies. This means doing the health checks that are important for
that breed.  What also needs to be understood, is, that even if a breeder does
all the health checks, we can still end up with a puppy with problems. What we,
as good breeders,  are trying to do, is put the odds in our favor of a good out
come. The only time you can guarantee a health issue will not be produced is
if there is a DNA test for it, and then you need to breed carefully making sure  
both sire and dam have the correct DNA result to not produce the problem.
This has to be taken into consideration along with all the other factors.

When looking for a breeder, make sure that the breeder is involved with the
breed - that they show, do obedience or some kind of performance events with
their dogs.  They should be a member of at least a regional or parent club for
their breed and be involved in some way with the club. Be weary of breeders
advertising on the Internet.  When you speak to a breeder, they should be
interviewing you as much if not more than you are interviewing them.

A reputable breeder will always use a contract. They should be willing to take
back the dog, if for any reason a buyer can no longer keep the dog. They
should be able to prove they have done the health tests appropriate for the
breed. They should supply you with the puppy's papers. If registration papers
are not given with the puppy, the contract should state the conditions and
when the papers will be provided. Examples of conditions are: when the puppy
is spayed/neutered or when specific health tests have been performed.,The
breeder should give a feeding schedule with amounts and guidelines how and
when to adjust amounts. You should get vaccination records and schedule of
when any other vaccinations are needed and/or recommended.

A good breeder will be able to prove they have done the proper health
clearances with by providing an OFA certificate or health records from the vet.
Don't be afraid to ask. They should have them for both parents.
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