Amordori's Too Hot to Handle for Bluwater,CGC

owned by Sandy & Jerry Thomas, Joan Locker-Thuring, & Josette Chrystal
also loved by Judy Tache'
bred by Josette Chrystall & Evelyn  Odfjell de Rues.

DOB 07/10/10
Bluwater Newfoundlands & Schipperkes
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Diva having fun
9 weeks (above) & 4 months old (below)
Diva is now part of the Bluwater crew, having a Diva moment posing for
the camera
This is one of her favorite activities.
Diva is playing with a log - One of her favorite things.
Diva - going with her new family - Aunt Judy & Josh(
Diva's littermate), Jo ( Breeder) & Diva, Sandy(mom) &
Jerry(dad) & Molly.
Diva laying around with her new family! Diva, Josh &
Molly resting together on the porch