VN Ch Kilyka's His Majesty King Cole, CD, WRD, DD, CGC

owned by Joan Locker-Thuring & Carl "Tom" Thuring
bred by Betty McDonnell & Mary LIz Lewis

01/03/99 - 11/09/09
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It was the Tuesday after Tom and I had come home from our first national in Maryland
in March of 1999 and there was a message, the puppy’s heart cleared, when could we
come to get him? I thought, how could this week get any better. And that Saturday, Cole
joined our family.

As I would train and work with Cole, I could see him thinking about it. I would watch his
face and watch him work out what he was going to do each time before he would
execute a command. Admittedly though, he did not always do what he was supposed to
do. He was our “Thinker”.  Because of this, our training sessions, at times, would be a
challenge and well as a joy.

Cole brought with him many firsts for us.  While not our first newf, Cole is our first VN,
and hopefully not our last.  He was our first Champion, WD, WRD, and DD. We learned
so much ourselves, as we taught him what he needed to know to complete each task.

There have been a number times when I thought we would never reach our goal and I
want to thank those who helped and supported us especially during those times.
Special thanks to Betty McDonnell for entrusting us with Cole and for all the help,
guidance and support Betty has given and continues to give us.

There is another empty spot on our floor and another hole  in our hearts. On 11/09/09
we helped Cole over the Rainbow Bridge.
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Cole on his 10th birthday!
Cole took 4th in Veteran sweeps - he was the 2nd
oldest male shown in sweeps. He was not shown
in regular classes.