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We are a small hobby breeder. We usually breed about once or twice a year.
We are not advertising our puppies for sale online. They are here as a
reference point for you to obtain information about our dogs and breeding
program. A lot of thought, time and effort goes into the research for each
planned breeding. We do keep a waiting list, but this list does not mean first
come, first serve.. Puppies and potential homes are evaluated for best the fit,
based the personalities of both the puppy and the potential owner(s), their
lifestyle, and desires.

Newfoundlands are very special breed known for their loving and gentle
temperament but are not for everyone. They drool and shed much more then
most other breeds. They do require training and fair amount of grooming and
maintenance. That small puppy grows in a large adult quickly. Be prepared. Do
your research before committing a newfoundland.
Puppies Planned

Planning in  the works for a breed towards the of 2016

We do maintain a waiting list and recommend you get on it,
if your are interested in a puppy.