Bluwater's Baked to Perfection, RN, CGC, TDI

owned by Joan Locker-Thuring, Carl "Tom" Thuring  
bred by Joan Locker-Thuring, Carl "Tom" Thuring & Betty McDonnell

DOB 12/16/06 -12/8/16

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Babka takes Best Puppy  under judge
Jean Fournier at the Mohawk Valley
Kennel Club on 8/10/07. She was expertly
handled by co owner/co breeder Betty
Babka takes Winner's and Best of Opposite for
her first point under Judge  Burton Yamada  
Somerset Kennel Club on 9/5/09. She was    
owner/.breeder/handled by  Tom Thuring
Babka as a puppy
4-7 months old
Babka (left) earns her Rally Novice title at the 2010
Newfoundland National handled by Joan for all 3 of her
My heart is broken yet again, This morning Tom & I said good bye to Babka "Bluwater's Baked to Perfection, RN,
CGC, TDI" 12/17/06 - 12/8/16, just 8 days shy of her 10th birthday.
She was from our first Newfoundland litter.

Babka had always kept her puppy face, she never lost that puppy look. And we would joking refer to her as a
puppy. Also known as B-Bop, BeBe and sometimes just plain 'B'! She was always the bottom of the pack, even
when she was the oldest of the pack. But Babka was happy with that way.

She was good with new puppies. When ever we had puppies she would watch over them in the yard and let them
do what ever they wanted to do to her. She was so very very tolerant of them. Even in her last few days, she was
letting Van Gogh wash her ears everyday and never chasing him away.

She was our clown. She loved to jump on the table outside especially when there was snow on it. She would sit
there looking all stately, prim and proper. And of course there was the time she jumped out the 3 foot babygate
with a belly full of stitched and an e-collar on head after almost not surviving pyo surgery.

While she usually did well when we were training, she hated the ring, any ring. She would act like a deer in the
headlights when we entered a ring or test. Consequentially, she really never earned most of the titles we had
hoped for. But so, what, she was my Babka!!!

Rest in Peace, my sweet girl!!!