Our life with newfs start in December 1992, when we brought home Jake, a 9
week old black newfoundland puppy, 2 days before Christmas. Knowing Jake
was going to be a big dog, we enrolled in obedience classes. One day while
at classes Joan saw a flyer for a match. She went and watched and soon
became hooked. Joan's goal was to get a CD on Jake, a feat she soon
realized would not be an easy one.

After many trials and tribulations, we started to show Jake in obedience. He
was 3 1/2. It took 3 years, but in May 1999, he finally got his third leg at show
on Memorial day weekend in 98 degree heat. We don't know how many
shows it took, we stopped counting after 30. We learned patience,
perseverance, and roll & laugh with goofy things our newfs can do in the ring.

In April 1999, Cole joined our family - Our first show dog. A whole new world
opened up. Cole is our first Champion, our first Water Dog, Water Rescue
Dog, Draft Dog and our first VN (Versatile Newfoundland). Hopefully the first
of many to come.

March of 2001, Savannah came to join us. Savannah has been a remarkable
girl - she is very special.  She has a dedication to please that comes through
no matter what. Savannah earned her VN against many odds. Savannah
became very ill but because of her stoic personality we didn't know and
through this she still worked and earned several of her titles for her VN.  She
has been diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI). Something
so rarely found in Newfoundlands, almost no one knew anything about it.  
Savannah has gone on to earn her CDX.

In December 2003, Chyna joined us. Our first Schipperke. A month later
Sugar joined our family. These 2, despite their size difference became fast
friends and have become the foundation of our breeding program.

We are small hobby kennel. We enjoy training our dogs for obedience, water
and draft work. Tom enjoys showing our dogs in the breed and obedience
rings and the newfoundlands in draft work. Joan enjoys showing our dogs in
obedience and the newfoundlands in water work. We breed occasionally for
our own wants. We do have puppies available occasionally to qualified
homes. Ours dogs are health checked before breeding.

We belong to the Bear Mountain Newfoundland Club, the NewPenDel
Newfoundland Club, the Newfoundland Club of New England, the
Newfoundland Club of America, the Schipperke Club of America, the
Westbury Kennel Club and Nassau-Suffolk Owner Handler's Association.
Joan is currently serving on the board of NPD. She also former president of
BMNC and a former BMNC & NS/OHA board member. Joan also serves on a
several NCA committees. Joan
was a NCA Water Test Judge.

We are listed on the Newfoundland of America (NCA), Bear Mountain
Newfoundland Club (BMNC) and NewPenDel Newfoundland Club (NPD)
breeder's list.

Joan Locker-Thuring & Carl "Tom" Thuring
Bluwater Newfoundlands & Schipperkes
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